Is Golden Corral Open on Thanksgiving

Is Golden Corral Open on Thanksgiving? Hours, Menus and Prices

Golden Corral is open on Thanksgiving Day. Many locations offer a special Thanksgiving buffet.

Thanksgiving is a time for feasting, and for many, the quest for a bountiful meal leads them straight to Golden Corral, a popular all-you-can-eat chain.

Their reputation for variety and value makes them a go-to spot, especially on holidays when home cooking is either a burden or impossible.

With an array of traditional holiday dishes alongside their standard offerings, the restaurant aims to provide a festive dining experience without the hassle of cooking and cleaning.

Their special Thanksgiving buffet often includes turkey, ham, stuffing, and a range of sides to please every palate.

Patrons looking to indulge in a festive spread without the stress of kitchen prep flock to Golden Corral, finding convenience and abundance under one roof.

What Time Does Golden Corral Open On Thanksgiving?

Golden Corral offers a welcoming feast for those celebrating Thanksgiving away from home. Many families make it a tradition to enjoy their holiday meal at this popular buffet chain.

Confirming the hours of operation on Thanksgiving Day is a smart move, as they may differ from regular business hours to accommodate the festive occasion.

The doors open early to serve guests a sumptuous spread of Thanksgiving classics alongside the usual buffet favorites.

Guests should check with their local Golden Corral restaurant for specific opening times, as they can vary by location and are subject to change based on demand and staffing.

Enjoying a hassle-free, no-preparation-needed Thanksgiving meal at Golden Corral is an option embraced by many each year.

What Time Does Golden Corral Close On Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving, many families prefer to leave the cooking to others and enjoy their meal out, which brings Golden Corral into the spotlight.

Often, this family-style buffet restaurant offers a special holiday feast complete with all the traditional favorites.

Guests planning to visit should check their local Golden Corral for specific hours, as closing times can vary by location.

The establishment extends its hours to accommodate the increased number of diners looking for a festive and hearty meal without the hassle of kitchen prep.

To avoid disappointment, a quick phone call or a visit to the Golden Corral website for the latest updates on Thanksgiving Day operations is recommended.

Remember, it’s a popular day, so planning ahead could make your holiday meal even more enjoyable.

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Menu

Golden Corral’s dedication to celebrating Thanksgiving comes through with a spread that is sure to tantalize taste buds.

Embracing the holiday spirit, the buffet chain provides an array of traditional dishes, each prepared with the warmth of home-cooked meals.

Guests can indulge in succulent carved turkey and a selection of savory sides, ranging from fluffy mashed potatoes to sweet yams and vibrant green bean casseroles.

Pies—overflowing with seasonal flavors such as pumpkin and pecan—add a sweet finale to the feast.

This culinary sanctuary becomes a place where family and friends gather, not just to eat, but to create memories over a feast that embodies the essence of Thanksgiving.

Hot Lunch Favorites

ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesPrice
Steakburger BarBuild-your-own burger with various toppings and condiments600-900 calories$11.99 – $15.99
Bourbon Street ChickenGrilled chicken breast smothered in bourbon sauce350-450 calories$14.99
Awesome Pot RoastTender pot roast cooked to perfection400-500 calories$16.99
MeatloafClassic meatloaf served with gravy350-450 calories$13.99
Fried ChickenCrispy fried chicken pieces300-400 calories$12.99
Fried FishCrispy battered fish fillets250-350 calories$14.99
Baked FishFresh fish baked with herbs and lemon200-300 calories$15.99
Manager’s ChoiceChef’s featured pork entree or other daily specialsVariesPrice varies
Featured Pork EntreeAsk your server for today’s featured pork dishVariesPrice varies
Pot Pie or Chicken & Noodle DumplingsClassic comfort food choices400-500 calories$11.99 – $14.99
PizzasFreshly baked pizzas with assorted toppings250-350 calories$10.99 – $16.99

Breakfast Menu

Omelet Station

IngredientDescriptionApprox. Calories per ServingPrice (Estimate)
Fresh EggsUsed for omelets, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs70-90 calories$2.99 per dozen
Bacon BitsCrumbled bacon used as a topping or ingredient25-35 calories$3.99 per 4 oz
Diced HamCubed ham used in omelets, scrambled eggs, or salads60-80 calories$4.99 per 8 oz
Sausage CrumblesCooked crumbled sausage used in omelets or scrambled eggs90-120 calories$5.99 per 12 oz
Green PeppersDiced green peppers used as a vegetable topping10-15 calories$1.99 per pound
MushroomsSliced mushrooms used as a topping or ingredient5-10 calories$2.49 per 8 oz
Diced OnionsChopped onions used as a vegetable topping or ingredient10-20 calories$1.79 per pound
Shredded Cheddar CheeseGrated cheddar cheese used as a topping or ingredient110-130 calories$3.99 per 8 oz

Hot Breakfast Favorites

ItemDescriptionApprox. Calories per ServingPrice (Estimate)
Scrambled EggsFluffy scrambled eggs90-120 calories$3.99 per serving
BaconCrispy strips of bacon40-60 calories$4.99 per 6 slices
Sausage LinksGrilled sausage links150-200 calories$5.99 per 4 links
Sausage PattiesGrilled sausage patties250-300 calories$6.99 per 4 patties
Sausage GravyCreamy sausage gravy served over biscuits150-200 calories$4.99 per serving
Grilled Corned Beef HashGrilled corned beef with diced potatoes and onions200-250 calories$7.99 per serving
Creamed Chipped BeefCreamy beef sauce served over toast150-200 calories$6.99 per serving
Carved HamSliced ham120-150 calories$8.99 per serving
Skillet Hash BrownsCrispy skillet-fried hash browns200-250 calories$3.99 per serving
Breakfast CasseroleCasserole dish typically made with eggs, cheese, and meats300-400 calories$9.99 per serving
Sautéed MushroomsSliced mushrooms sautéed with seasonings50-70 calories$4.99 per serving
Sautéed Onions + PeppersSliced onions and peppers sautéed with seasonings40-60 calories$4.99 per serving
Cheese SauceCreamy cheese sauce80-100 calories$3.99 per serving
Homestyle PancakesFluffy pancakes made from scratch150-200 calories per pancake$5.99 per stack
Blueberry PancakesPancakes filled with blueberries180-230 calories per pancake$6.99 per stack
French ToastThick slices of bread dipped in egg mixture and fried200-250 calories per slice$7.99 per serving
Golden WafflesCrisp golden waffles200-250 calories per waffle$6.99 per serving
Cinnamon RollsSweet rolls with cinnamon filling and icing250-300 calories per roll$4.99 per roll
Buttermilk BiscuitsFlaky biscuits made with buttermilk150-200 calories per biscuit$3.99 per serving
Texas ToastThick slices of toast100-150 calories per slice$3.99 per serving
Maple SyrupRich and sweet maple syrup50-80 calories per serving$2.99 per serving
Sugar-Free SyrupSugar-free alternative to maple syrup10-20 calories per serving$4.99 per bottle
Strawberry ToppingSweet strawberry topping30-50 calories per serving$3.99 per serving

Cold Breakfast Selections

ItemDescriptionApprox. Calories per ServingPrice (Estimate)
Assorted YogurtsVariety of yogurt flavors100-150 calories per serving$0.99 per cup
Assorted DonutsVariety of donut flavors200-300 calories per donut$1.50 per donut
StrawberriesFresh strawberries30-40 calories per serving$3.99 per pound
WatermelonFresh watermelon slices40-50 calories per serving$0.79 per pound
GrapefruitFresh grapefruit halves50-60 calories per serving$1.49 each
BananasFresh bananas90-120 calories per serving$0.69 per pound
Orange JuiceFreshly squeezed orange juice110-150 calories per serving$3.99 per bottle
Apple JuiceSweet apple juice120-160 calories per serving$3.99 per bottle
Cranberry JuiceTart cranberry juice130-170 calories per serving$4.49 per bottle
MilkCold milk served in a glass80-120 calories per serving$2.99 per quart
Whipped MargarineLight and fluffy margarine50-70 calories per serving$2.49 per tub
Honey-MargarineMargarine blended with honey60-80 calories per serving$3.49 per tub
Whipped CreamLight and airy whipped cream50-70 calories per serving$2.99 per can
JelliesAssorted fruit jellies40-60 calories per serving$1.99 per jar


ItemDescriptionApprox. Calories per ServingPrice (Estimate)
Fruit CobblerWarm fruit cobbler topped with crumble200-300 calories per serving$5.99 per serving
Bread PuddingHomestyle bread pudding served warm250-350 calories per serving$6.99 per serving
Sugar-Free OptionsAssorted desserts made with sugar substitutesCalories varyPrices vary
Manager’s Choice daily featured cakes & piesChef’s selection of cakes and piesCalories and price varyPrice varies
Hand-Dipped Ice Cream (select locations)Creamy hand-dipped ice cream flavors200-300 calories per scoop$4.99 per scoop
Soft Serve Vanilla Ice CreamCreamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream150-250 calories per serving$3.99 per serving
Soft Serve Chocolate Ice CreamRich chocolate soft-serve ice cream200-300 calories per serving$3.99 per serving
Ice Cream ConesCrispy cones filled with soft-serve ice cream50-100 calories per cone$1.99 per cone
Hot FudgeRich and warm hot fudge topping50-100 calories per serving$1.49 per serving
Strawberry ToppingSweet strawberry topping for ice cream30-50 calories per serving$2.99 per serving
Assorted Candy ToppingsVarious candy toppings for ice cream50-100 calories per serving$1.99 per serving
Chocolate-dipped Fresh Strawberry SkewersFresh strawberries dipped in rich chocolate50-100 calories per skewer$2.99 per skewer
Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies Treat SkewersRice Krispies treats dipped in chocolate80-120 calories per skewer$2.49 per skewer
Chocolate-dipped Marshmallow SkewersMarshmallows dipped in smooth chocolate60-100 calories per skewer$2.49 per skewer

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Cost

Celebrating Thanksgiving surrounded by the aroma of a traditional feast is a cherished experience for many American families.

For those seeking convenience without sacrificing the holiday spirit, Golden Corral offers an enticing option.

Open during Thanksgiving, this family-friendly buffet chain provides an abundant Thanksgiving meal at a competitive price point.

Visitors can indulge in a plethora of choices ranging from succulent turkey to classic side dishes, all expertly prepared to evoke the essence of a homemade dinner.

The affordability of this holiday spread ensures that enjoying a festive meal doesn’t have to strain the budget, making it accessible for a wide audience who desire a bountiful Thanksgiving experience sans the hassle of cooking.

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Buffet

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a sumptuous buffet at Golden Corral has become a tradition for many families.

The renowned chain adjusts its hours to accommodate the holiday rush, ensuring patrons can enjoy a festive spread without the hassle of cooking at home.

While confirming the local restaurant’s schedule is recommended, most Golden Corral locations deck their tables with Thanksgiving classics.

The buffet transforms into a cornucopia of roasted turkey, savory stuffing, and an array of sides and desserts that capture the essence of the holiday.

Guests can indulge in the comfort of traditional dishes and the excitement of trying new flavors, all under one roof, making it an ideal option for a stress-free Thanksgiving feast.

How Much Is Thanksgiving Buffet At Golden Corral?

Feasting at Golden Corral on Thanksgiving can be a delicious, no-fuss dining experience.

The restaurant is known for its generous buffet spread that includes traditional holiday favorites as well as an array of other dishes to ensure everyone at the table finds something to savor.

Costs for the Thanksgiving buffet may vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with the local Golden Corral for the most accurate pricing information.

The price reflects the broad selection of foods, from classic turkey and stuffing to a wide variety of sides, desserts, and beverages, making it an affordable option for a complete festive meal without the hassle of cooking and cleaning at home.

Does Golden Corral Serve Thanksgiving Dinner?

Celebrations and sumptuous feasts go hand in hand, especially during Thanksgiving. Folks often wonder if they can indulge in a holiday meal at Golden Corral on this special Thursday.

Indeed, Golden Corral recognizes the tradition of Thanksgiving by not only opening its doors to enthusiastic diners but also serving a festive dinner that’s reflective of the holiday’s spirit.

The buffet transforms into a cornucopia of Thanksgiving classics, offering everything from juicy turkey to rich, savory stuffing, ensuring that families can enjoy a traditional meal without the hassle of cooking at home.

Whether you’re looking to start a new family tradition or simply want to savor the holiday without the clean-up, Golden Corral presents itself as a convenient and delicious option.

Golden Corral Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and family gatherings, often accompanied by a sumptuous meal.

Diners considering Golden Corral as their festive venue can rejoice because they traditionally extend their hours to welcome guests on this special holiday.

Known for its vast buffet selection, the restaurant chain offers everything from carved turkey to classic pumpkin pie, ensuring that patrons can indulge in a wide array of Thanksgiving favorites.

Delight in a stress-free celebration where the only concern is filling your plate with mouthwatering dishes.

Whether you are bringing together a large family or looking for a cozy dinner for two, Golden Corral’s welcoming atmosphere and holiday menu cater to all.

Hot Dinner Favorites

ItemDescriptionPriceApprox. Calories
Golden Delicious ShrimpSucculent shrimp seasoned and fried to golden perfection$14.99350 calories
Carving StationEnjoy freshly carved meats
Carved Bone-in TurkeySlow-roasted turkey served with cranberry sauce$16.99300 calories
Signature Sirloin SteakJuicy sirloin steak seasoned and grilled to perfection$18.99450 calories
Bourbon Street ChickenGrilled chicken breast smothered in bourbon sauce$15.99380 calories
Awesome Pot RoastTender pot roast cooked to perfection$17.99400 calories
MeatloafClassic meatloaf served with gravy$13.99350 calories
Fried ChickenCrispy fried chicken pieces$12.99320 calories
Fried FishCrispy battered fish fillets$14.99380 calories
Baked FishFresh fish baked with herbs and lemon$15.99300 calories
Manager’s ChoiceChef’s featured pork entree
Featured Pork EntreeAsk your server for today’s featured pork dishPrice variesVaries
Pot Pie or Chicken & Noodle DumplingsClassic comfort food choicesPrice variesVaries
PizzasFreshly baked pizzas with assorted toppingsPrice variesVaries
Posole w/ ChickenTraditional Mexican soup with chicken$11.99280 calories
Posole w/ PorkTraditional Mexican soup with pork$12.99320 calories
King Ranch ChickenSpicy chicken casserole with layers of flavor$14.99400 calories

Hot Dinner Sides

ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesPrice
BroccoliSteamed or sautéed broccoli50 calories$3.99
CarrotsSliced or steamed carrots30 calories$2.99
Green BeansSteamed green beans40 calories$3.49
Brussels SproutsRoasted Brussels sprouts60 calories$4.29
CornSteamed or grilled corn80 calories$3.99
CabbageSteamed or braised cabbage25 calories$2.79
BeansAssorted beans70 calories$3.99
Mashed Potatoes + GravyCreamy mashed potatoes with gravy200 calories$4.99
Scalloped PotatoesLayered potatoes baked with cream sauce180 calories$4.79
Homestyle StuffingTraditional stuffing with herbs150 calories$4.49
Sweet Corn PuddingBaked corn pudding with a hint of sweetness220 calories$5.29
Cinnamon ApplesSliced apples cooked with cinnamon120 calories$3.99
RiceSteamed white rice150 calories$3.49
Mexican RiceFlavored rice with tomatoes and spices180 calories$3.99
Refried BeansMashed and seasoned beans160 calories$3.79
Macaroni + CheeseCreamy macaroni and cheese300 calories$5.49
Italian Pasta BakeBaked pasta with Italian sauce and cheese250 calories$4.99
Fried RavioliBreaded and fried ravioli280 calories$5.29
Soup of the DayChef’s choice soupVariesPrice varies
Baked Potato Bar with ToppingsBaked potato served with various toppings250 calories$4.99
Yeast Rolls with Honey ButterSoft yeast rolls served with honey butter180 calories$3.49

Salad Bar + Dressings

Manager’s Choice of Daily Featured Prepared Salads including Seafood SaladChef’s selection of salads, featuring Seafood Salad and other optionsPrice varies
Fresh VeggiesAssorted fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, bell peppers, etc.$4.99 per plate
Fresh FruitsSeasonal fresh fruits sliced or whole$5.99 per plate
MeatsVariety of sliced meats such as ham, turkey, and salami$6.99 per plate
CheesesSelection of cheeses like cheddar, Swiss, and pepper jack$5.99 per plate
CrackersAssorted crackers for pairing with cheeses and meats$2.99 per plate
DressingsAssorted dressings for salads$1.99 each
Additional ToppingsAdditional toppings like croutons, nuts, seeds, etc.Price varies


ItemDescriptionPriceApprox. Calories
Carrot CakeMoist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting$6.99 per slice350 calories
Assorted CupcakesVariety of cupcakes with assorted frostings and decorations$3.49 each250-350 calories
Cotton Candy CupcakesCupcakes with cotton candy-flavored frosting and toppings$3.99 each300-400 calories
Assorted CookiesVariety of freshly baked cookies$2.49 each150-200 calories per cookie
Chocolate Chip CookiesClassic chocolate chip cookies$2.99 each200-250 calories per cookie
Pumpkin PieTraditional pumpkin pie$5.99 per slice300 calories
Peanut Butter PieCreamy peanut butter pie$6.49 per slice400 calories
Sweet Home Carolina CakeSouthern-style cake with a sweet twist$7.49 per slice400-500 calories
Fruit CobblerWarm fruit cobbler topped with crumble$6.99 per slice350-450 calories
Fudge BrowniesRich and decadent chocolate brownies$4.99 per piece200-250 calories per brownie
Banana PuddingClassic banana pudding with layers of flavor$5.99 per serving250-350 calories
Bread PuddingHomestyle bread pudding served warm$5.49 per serving300-400 calories
Cotton CandyFluffy and colorful cotton candy$2.99 per serving100-150 calories
Sugar-Free OptionsAssorted sugar-free dessert optionsPrices varyVaries
Manager’s Choice Daily Featured Cakes & PiesChef’s selection of cakes and piesPrice variesVaries
Hand-Dipped Ice Cream (select locations)Creamy hand-dipped ice cream flavorsPrices vary150-250 calories per scoop
Soft Serve Vanilla Ice CreamCreamy vanilla soft-serve ice cream$3.99 per cone200-300 calories per cone
Soft Serve Chocolate Ice CreamRich chocolate soft-serve ice cream$3.99 per cone250-350 calories per cone
Ice Cream ConesCrispy cones filled with soft-serve ice cream$1.99 each50-100 calories
Hot FudgeRich and warm hot fudge topping$1.49 extra50 calories
Strawberry ToppingSweet strawberry topping for ice cream$1.29 extra30 calories
Assorted Candy ToppingsVarious candy toppings for ice cream$1.99 extra50-100 calories
Chocolate-dipped Fresh Strawberry SkewersFresh strawberries dipped in rich chocolate$2.99 per skewer50-100 calories per skewer
Chocolate-dipped Rice Krispies Treat SkewersRice Krispies treats dipped in chocolate$2.49 per skewer80-120 calories per skewer
Chocolate-dipped Marshmallow SkewersMarshmallows dipped in smooth chocolate$2.49 per skewer60-100 calories per skewer

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Is The Cheapest To Eat At Golden Corral?

Golden Corral’s cheapest dining time is typically weekday afternoons, just after lunch until dinner-time hours begin. Special promotions may vary, so check local listings.

Who Owns Golden Corral?

Golden Corral is owned by Golden Corral Corporation, a private company founded by James Maynard and William F. Carl.

Is Golden Corral Serving Thanksgiving Dinner?

Golden Corral traditionally offers a special Thanksgiving Day buffet. Their spread typically includes classic holiday dishes such as roast turkey, stuffing, and pies.

Availability may vary, so it’s best to check with your local branch for specific hours and offerings.

Can I Reserve A Table At Golden Corral On Thanksgiving?

Reservations policies at Golden Corral may vary by location. Some branches might accept reservations, especially on busy holidays like Thanksgiving, while others operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Contact your nearest Golden Corral to inquire about their reservation policy for Thanksgiving Day.

Your Thanksgiving feast awaits at Golden Corral. Their doors are open, ready to welcome you and your loved ones for a hearty holiday meal.

Check local hours, secure your spot, and prepare for a buffet that makes holiday dining effortless and enjoyable.

Embrace the season’s warmth with a spread at Golden Corral.

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