Taco John's Lunch Hours

Taco John’s Lunch Hours and Menu for Weekly 7 Days 2024

Taco John’s lunch hours typically start at 10:00 AM and end at 2:00 PM. These times may vary by location.

Taco John’s, a popular fast-food chain famous for its unique take on Mexican-inspired cuisine, entices diners with a lunch menu full of flavors.

With an early start at 10:00 in the morning, it offers a convenient opportunity for an early lunch break, especially for those with a craving for tacos, burritos, and their signature Potato Olés.

Ending at 2:00 PM, Taco John’s lunch hours cater to the lunchtime rush, giving customers enough windows to savor their meals.

An array of options await diners seeking a quick, satisfying meal without sacrificing the midday break’s leisure.

Always check your local Taco John’s for specific hours, as these can be subject to change.

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Taco John’s Lunch Hours Throughout the Week (Varies- Check Local)

DayLunch Hours
Monday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

What Time Does Taco John’s Open?

The operating schedule of your favorite dining spots is key, especially if you’re planning a midday visit to Taco John’s for a satisfying meal.

Taco John’s typically opens its doors to the public at 7:00 AM, ensuring that early risers can get a head start with a hearty breakfast before transitioning to their well-known and diverse lunch offerings.

As lunchtime rolls around, those craving Taco John’s signature dishes can indulge in their range from the moment breakfast hours conclude.

Patrons should, however, be mindful of the fact that opening times may slightly vary by location, so a quick check of the local restaurant’s schedule is always recommended to avoid any disappointment.

What Time Does Taco John’s Close?

Taco John’s is well-known for its scrumptious tacos and a variety of Mexican-inspired fast foods, but patrons aiming to indulge in their menu might be curious about the closing times.

Typically, the restaurant chain wraps up its lunch service in the afternoon, though the exact time can vary by location. 

Most establishments tend to close the lunch menu to transition to dinner offerings around mid-afternoon, so it’s advisable for guests to check with their local Taco John’s for precise timings.

Ensuring that you arrive well within the lunch hours will guarantee a wider selection of options, from their signature Potato Olés to their hearty burritos and salads.

Always confirm in advance to enjoy a meal without the disappointment of a closed kitchen.

What Are Taco John’s Daily Specials?

Taco John’s has captivated the taste buds of many with its array of mouthwatering daily specials designed to infuse your lunchtime with a burst of flavor and value.

Devotees of this popular fast-food chain can indulge in a different deal each day, from the savory Taco Tuesday treat to the indulgent weekend specials that beckon families and friends alike.

Each offer is crafted to give patrons a taste of Taco John’s signature Mexican-inspired dishes without putting a strain on their wallets.

These specials vary by location, so guests are encouraged to check their local Taco John’s for the specific deals and to confirm the availability to ensure they don’t miss out on their favorite menu items at a great price.

Whether you’re craving tacos, burritos or another Tex-Mex favorite, you’re bound to find something to satisfy your appetite among the daily specials at Taco John’s.

What Time Does Taco John’s Serve Lunch?

Taco John’s, a popular choice for those craving Mexican-inspired fast food, offers a tempting array of lunch options.

Lunch hours can vary by location, but generally, Taco John’s starts serving its lunch menu at 10:00 AM and continues until closing.

Ideal for the early birds who want to beat the lunch rush or for those who enjoy a late lunch, the flexible timing caters to various appetites and schedules.

It’s a good practice to check with your local Taco John’s as some might adjust their hours, especially during weekends or holidays, ensuring you never miss out on a chance to savor their signature dishes.

Does Taco John’s Serve Lunch All Day?

This popular eatery caters to the midday crowd with a range of delicious offerings, but it’s crucial to note that lunchtime selections may not be available throughout the entire day.

Instead, they typically roll out after the breakfast selections wind down, embracing the appetite of the late morning and early afternoon patrons.

For those who fancy a later lunch, it’s advisable to check the local restaurant’s schedule as individual locations may vary in their service times.

Taco John’s commitment to quality and freshness means that timing your visit correctly ensures you get to enjoy their full range of lunch options.

Does Taco John’s Deliver?

Taco John’s has embraced the convenience of delivery services to bring their wide array of Mexican-inspired dishes to your table.

No more do you have to wonder about balancing your time to sneak away for a bite, as their partnership with major delivery platforms ensures you can enjoy a Potato Olés fix or a savory street-style taco wherever you might be.

Whether stuck at the office during a busy day or simply enjoying the comfort of your home, Taco John’s makes it possible to indulge in their lunch menu offerings without missing a beat.

Always check with your local Taco John’s for delivery options, as services may vary based on location.

Taco John’s Lunch Menu

Dishing up a delectable array of Mexican-inspired fare, Taco John’s caters to midday cravings with a robust lunch menu that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you fancy a hearty burrito, crave a perfectly seasoned taco, or are in the mood for a fresh salad with a kick, this popular eatery has you covered.

Their offerings seamlessly blend traditional flavors with a modern twist, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Patrons appreciate the quick service and consistent quality that make Taco John’s a go-to spot for lunchtime satisfaction.

Experience the vibrant zest of each dish, crafted with care and served up to fuel your afternoon with a delicious burst of flavor.


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
2 FOR $7 Alaska Flounder Fish TacosTwo Alaska flounder fish tacos.Approx. 500$7.00
Alaska Flounder Fish Tacos ComboCombo featuring Alaska flounder fish tacos. Includes sides or drinks as specified by the combo.Approx. 800 (combo)Price varies


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
SUPER BURRITOA featured super-sized burrito.Approx. 800$9.99
TACO BRAVO®A featured Taco Bravo®.Approx. 400$5.99
MEAT & POTATO BURRITOA featured burrito with meat and potatoes.Approx. 700$8.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
CHEESY BEEF & POTATO TACOTaco with cheesy beef and potatoes.Approx. 400$3.99
BEAN BURRITOBurrito filled with beans.Approx. 350$4.49
FOUR CHEESE QUESADILLAQuesadilla with four types of cheese.Approx. 600$5.99
NACHO CRUNCH BEEF BURRITOBurrito with beef and nacho crunch.Approx. 500$4.99
NACHO CRUNCH CHICKEN BURRITOBurrito with chicken and nacho crunch.Approx. 450$5.49
SPICY CHICKEN & POTATO GRILLERGrilled wrap with spicy chicken and potatoes.Approx. 550$6.49
SPICY STEAK & POTATO GRILLERGrilled wrap with spicy steak and potatoes.Approx. 600$6.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
BEEF BURRITOClassic burrito with beef.Approx. 400$4.99
COMBINATION BURRITOBurrito with a combination of ingredients.Approx. 500$5.99
FRIED CHICKEN MEAT & POTATO BURRITOBurrito with fried chicken, meat, and potatoes.Approx. 600$6.99
TACO SALADSalad served in a taco shell.Approx. 450$5.49
SUPER NACHOSLoaded nachos with various toppings.Approx. 800$7.99
SUPER POTATO OLÉS®Loaded potatoes with various toppings.Approx. 550$6.49
THE BOSS BOWLA hearty bowl with a variety of ingredients.Approx. 700$8.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
FRIED CHICKEN TACOSTacos with fried chicken.Approx. 350 (per taco)$3.99 (per taco)
CRISPY TACOClassic crispy taco.Approx. 200 (per taco)$2.49 (per taco)
SIX-PACK AND A POUND®*Combo with six tacos and a pound of meat.Approx. 400 (per taco)$14.99 (combo)
SOFTSHELL TACOTaco with a soft shell.Approx. 250 (per taco)$2.99 (per taco)
STUFFED GRILLED TACOGrilled taco with a stuffing.Approx. 300 (per taco)$3.49 (per taco)
FEATURED! TACO BRAVO®Featured Taco Bravo®.Approx. 400 (per taco)Price varies
STREET TACOS TRIOTrio of street-style tacos.Approx. 300 (per taco)$8.99 (trio)


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
FEATURED! MEAT & POTATO BURRITOFeatured burrito with meat and potatoes.Approx. 700$7.99
FEATURED! SUPER BURRITOFeatured super-sized burrito.Approx. 800$8.99
CHICKEN GRILLED BURRITOBurrito with grilled chicken.Approx. 600$6.99
BEAN BURRITOBurrito filled with beans.Approx. 350$5.99
THE BOSS BURRITOA hearty burrito with various ingredients.Approx. 900$9.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
QUESADILLAClassic quesadilla with a choice of filling.Approx. 600$6.99 (plain)
FOUR CHEESE CHICKEN QUESADILLAQuesadilla with four cheeses and chicken.Approx. 700$8.99
FOUR CHEESE STEAK QUESADILLAQuesadilla with four cheeses and steak.Approx. 750$9.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
TWO CRISPY TACOS COMBOCombo with two crispy tacos.Approx. 400$6.99
SUPER BURRITO COMBOCombo with a super-sized burrito.Approx. 900$8.99
TWO SOFTSHELL TACOS COMBOCombo with two softshell tacos.Approx. 500$7.99
TACO BRAVO® COMBOCombo featuring the Taco Bravo®.Approx. 700Price varies
MEAT & POTATO BURRITO COMBOCombo with the meat and potato burrito.Approx. 800$9.99
CHICKEN GRILLED BURRITO COMBOCombo with the chicken grilled burrito.Approx. 700$8.99
MEAT & POTATO BURRITO & SOFTSHELL TACO COMBOCombo featuring both the meat and potato burrito and a softshell taco.Approx. 900Price varies
STUFFED GRILLED TACO COMBOCombo with the stuffed grilled taco.Approx. 600$7.99
STREET TACOS TRIO COMBOCombo featuring a trio of street-style tacos.Approx. 900$10.99
THE BOSS BURRITO COMBOCombo with the hearty Boss burrito.Approx. 1000$11.99
FRIED CHICKEN TACOS COMBOCombo with fried chicken tacos.Approx. 700$9.99
FOUR CHEESE CHICKEN QUESADILLA COMBOCombo with the four cheese chicken quesadilla.Approx. 800$10.99
FOUR CHEESE STEAK QUESADILLA COMBOCombo with the four cheese steak quesadilla.Approx. 850$11.99


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
CHURROTraditional fried dough pastry.Approx. 200$2.99 (per churro)
MEXICAN DONUT BITESBite-sized Mexican-style donuts.Approx. 250 (per serving)$3.99 (per serving)


ItemDescriptionApprox. CaloriesApprox. Price
CHIPS & NACHO CHEESECrispy chips with nacho cheese.Approx. 300$2.99 (per order)
POTATO OLÉS®Seasoned potato bites.Approx. 250$2.99 (per order)
REFRIED BEANSTraditional refried beans.Approx. 150$2.49 (per order)
SIDE SALADSalad with assorted vegetables.Approx. 100$3.99 (per salad)


BeverageDescriptionApproximate CaloriesApproximate Price
PEPSI®Classic Pepsi soda.Varies$1.99 (per serving)
DIET PEPSI ®Diet version of Pepsi.Varies$1.99 (per serving)
MOUNTAIN DEW®Classic Mountain Dew soda.Varies$1.99 (per serving)
DR PEPPER®Classic Dr Pepper soda.Varies$1.99 (per serving)
STARRY™Unspecified beverage (may need clarification).VariesPrice may vary

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Taco Bell Stop Serving Breakfast?

Taco Bell typically stops serving breakfast at 11:00 AM. Times can vary, so check your local restaurant for specific hours.

Who Owns Taco Tuesday?

Taco John’s holds the trademark for “Taco Tuesday” in the United States. The chain popularized and legally claimed the term for restaurant services.

Does Taco John’s Still Have Apple Grandes?

Taco John’s occasionally brings back Apple Grandes for limited-time promotions. Check their official menu or contact your local outlet for current availability.

Where Is Taco John’s Corporate Office?

Taco John’s corporate office is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Enjoying your midday meal at Taco John’s couldn’t be simpler now that you’re informed about their lunch hours.

Plan your visit between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM to savor their mouthwatering selection of tacos, burritos, and more. Remember, timely visits ensure a fresh, flavorful experience.

Get set for lunch that’s as delicious as it is convenient!

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