Wendy Lunch Hours

Wendy’s typically serves lunch between 10:30 AM and 2:00 PM. These hours can vary by location.

Wendy’s, a popular fast-food chain known for its fresh square burgers, crispy fries, and iconic Frosty desserts, operates with consumer convenience in mind.

As such, their lunch menu is available right after the morning rush hour, offering a wide selection of meals to accommodate the midday appetite.

Perfect for those on-the-go or in need of a quick, satisfying meal, Wendy’s ensures that lunch offerings are both timely and diverse, catering to a range of tastes and dietary preferences.

The specific hours might adjust slightly depending on the day of the week or special holidays, so it’s always suggested to check with your local Wendy’s for the most accurate service hours.

With Wendy’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, their lunchtime schedule is designed to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle.

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Wendy’s Lunch Hours Throughout the Week (Varies- Check Local)

DayLunch Hours
Monday10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Saturday1:30 AM – 2:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

What Time Does Wendy’s Open?

Seeking out Wendy’s opening times reveals that the popular fast-food chain typically unlocks its doors early in the day.

Generally, customers can expect to grab their favorite breakfast items starting at 6:30 AM, although this time may vary slightly depending on the location.

For those craving Wendy’s signature square burgers or a flavorful salad, the transition to the lunch menu happens seamlessly at 10:30 AM across most outlets.

It’s important for patrons to note that weekends might follow a different schedule, so a quick check online or a phone call to the nearest restaurant can help plan your visit accurately.

Early risers and late breakfast enthusiasts alike find Wendy’s accommodating, ensuring everyone starts their day with a satisfying meal.

What Time Does Wendys Close?

Understanding Wendy’s operating schedule is essential for fast food enthusiasts looking to satisfy their hunger pangs with a juicy burger or a fresh salad.

Often, cravings hit late, and knowing the closing times can help plan meals accordingly.

Typically, Wendy’s outlets close at 1 AM or 2 AM, depending on the location and day of the week.

It’s always advisable to verify the exact hours for a local restaurant, as times might vary, especially during holidays or special events.

For those late-night snack runs or the need for a quick dinner on the go, Wendy’s provides an easy and convenient option, but a quick check on their hours will ensure you don’t arrive after the doors have closed.

What Time Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch?

Discerning the precise moment Wendy’s shifts from breakfast to lunch offerings is crucial for patrons eager to indulge in their midday menu.

Typically, this transition occurs at 10:30 AM across most locations. Given the variation in operating hours among different Wendy’s restaurants, it’s advisable to check with your local establishment as some might cater to an earlier lunch crowd.

The assurance of savory burgers, crispy fries, and an array of other lunchtime favorites awaits as the clock strikes the half-hour mark past ten in the morning, setting the stage for a delectable dining experience.

Whether planning a quick stop for a solo meal or organizing a lunch gathering with friends, knowing Wendy’s lunchtime schedule ensures that your cravings for their signature dishes are satisfied without delay.

Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch All Day?

Wendy’s lunch hours can save you from facing disappointment when those hunger pangs strike midday.

Many fast-food aficionados often ask whether Wendy’s serves lunch throughout the entire day.

The simple answer is yes, Wendy’s transitions from its breakfast menu to its lunch offerings at 10:30 AM and these savory selections are typically available until the restaurant closes. 

This means that whether you’re craving a hearty Baconator, a fresh Mediterranean salad, or some spicy nuggets in the afternoon or late in the evening, Wendy’s has you covered.

It’s important to note that closing times can vary, so checking with your local Wendy’s for exact hours is always a good idea.

Satisfying that lunchtime appetite is convenient with Wendy’s extended service hours, ensuring that a juicy burger or flavorful chicken sandwich is never out of reach.

Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch In The Morning?

Many people find themselves craving a hearty burger or chicken sandwich from Wendy’s and wonder if they can get their lunch menu favorites in the morning.

The good news is that Wendy’s typically starts serving its lunch menu early in the day.

While breakfast options are available during the morning hours, the transition to the lunch menu tends to happen at 10:30 AM at most locations.

This means you don’t have to wait until the afternoon to dig into Wendy’s well-known lunch offerings such as the Dave’s Single burger, the spicy chicken sandwich, or their fresh salads.

So for those early lunch cravings, Wendy’s has got you covered with their full lunch menu available shortly after breakfast hours end.

Wendy’s Lunch Hours and Menu

Combo Meals

20 Pc Chicken Nugget Combo20 pieces of chicken nuggets with side and drink1134 kcal$9.99
Dave’s Triple ComboTriple burger with side and drink1433 – 1631 kcal$12.99
Dave’s Double ComboDouble burger with side and drink1117 – 1314 kcal$9.99
Avocado Chicken Club ComboChicken club sandwich with avocado, side, and drink877 – 1074 kcal$10.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich ComboGrilled chicken sandwich with side and drink550 – 747 kcal$8.99
Classic Chicken Sandwich ComboClassic chicken sandwich with side and drink637 – 834 kcal$7.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich ComboSpicy chicken sandwich with side and drink629 – 827 kcal$8.49
8pc Chicken Nugget Combo UK8 pieces of chicken nuggets with side and drink459 – 656 kcal$6.99
Baconator ComboDouble bacon cheeseburger with side and drink1238 – 1436 kcal$11.99
Dave’s Single ComboSingle burger with side and drink842 – 1039 kcal$7.99
8pc Spicy Nugget Combo8 pieces of spicy nuggets with side and drink440 – 791 kcal$7.49
20 pc spicy20 pieces of spicy nuggets with side and drink811 – 1136 kcal$9.99
Curry bean burger comboBean burger with curry, side, and drink535 – 1099 kcal$8.99

Wendy’s Kids Meal

Kids’ HamburgerKid-sized hamburger278-413 kcal$3.49
Kids’ CheeseburgerKid-sized cheeseburger317-452 kcal$3.99
Kids’ Nugget MealKids’ meal with nuggets114-350 kcal$4.49


Jr. Bacon CheeseburgerSingle patty with bacon and cheese406 kcal$3.99
Cheeseburger DeluxeSingle patty with cheese and toppings375 kcal$4.49
Jr. Cheeseburger DeluxeSingle patty with cheese and toppings375 kcal$3.99
BaconatorDouble patty with bacon and cheese1010 kcal$6.99
Dave’s TripleTriple patty with cheese and toppings1204 kcal$7.99
Dave’s DoubleDouble patty with cheese and toppings888 kcal$5.99
Dave’s SingleSingle patty with cheese and toppings611 kcal$4.99

Chicken Sandwiches & Nuggets

20 Pc Chicken Nuggets20 pieces of chicken nuggets570 kcal$9.99
8 Pc Mini Chicken Tenders UK8 pieces of mini chicken tenders227 kcal$6.49
4 Pc Mini Chicken Tenders4 pieces of mini chicken tenders114 kcal$4.99
Grilled Chicken SandwichGrilled chicken sandwich321 kcal$5.49
Avocado Chicken ClubChicken club sandwich with avocado651 kcal$6.99
Classic Chicken SandwichClassic chicken sandwich404 kcal$5.29
Spicy Chicken UKSpicy chicken sandwich (UK version)400 kcal$6.49
Spicy ChickenSpicy chicken sandwich400 kcal$6.49
20 Pc Spicy Nuggets20 pieces of spicy nuggets$9.99
8 Pc Spicy Nuggets8 pieces of spicy nuggets$5.99
4 Pc Spicy Nuggets4 pieces of spicy nuggets$3.99

Veggie Options

Curry Bean BurgerBean burger with curry535-1099 kcalPrice varies

Fresh-Made Salads

Avocado Chicken SaladChicken salad with avocado485 kcalPrice varies
Caesar Chicken SaladChicken Caesar salad481 kcalPrice varies

Fries & Sides

Apple BitesSliced apple snack42 kcal$1.49
Cheese Baked PotatoBaked potato with cheese342 kcal$3.99
Chili Cheese Baked PotatoBaked potato with chili & cheese428 kcal$4.49
Chili Cheese FriesFries with chili & cheese481 kcal$4.99
ChiliChili con Carne253 kcal$3.49
Sour Cream and Chives PotatoBaked potato with sour cream & chives233 kcal$3.99
Bacon & Cheese PotatoBaked potato with bacon & cheese405 kcal$4.29
Plain Baked PotatoBaked potato232 kcal$2.99
Baconator FriesFries with bacon459 kcal$3.99
Jalapeno Baconator FriesFries with jalapeno and bacon$4.49
Large FriesLarge order of fries299 kcal$2.49
Medium FriesMedium order of fries239 kcal$2.09
Small FriesSmall order of fries176 kcal$1.79


Jr. Vanilla FrostySmall vanilla Frosty170 kcal$1.29
Large Vanilla FrostyLarge vanilla Frosty398 kcal$2.09
Regular Vanilla FrostyRegular vanilla Frosty296 kcal$1.79
Jr. Chocolate FrostySmall chocolate Frosty174 kcal$1.29
Regular Chocolate FrostyRegular chocolate Frosty299 kcal$1.79
Large Chocolate FrostyLarge chocolate Frosty407 kcal$2.09

Coffee & Beverages

Soft Drinks

Sprite ZeroLemon-lime flavored sodaSmall0 kcal$1.49
Medium0 kcal$1.99
Large0 kcal$2.49
Orange FantaOrange flavored sodaSmall64 kcal$1.49
Medium84 kcal$1.99
Large108 kcal$2.49
Coke ZeroCola flavored sodaSmall0 kcal$1.49
Medium0 kcal$1.99
Large0 kcal$2.49
Diet CokeDiet cola flavored sodaSmall0 kcal$1.49
Medium0 kcal$1.99
Large0 kcal$2.49
CokeClassic cola flavored sodaSmall152 kcal$1.49
Medium252 kcal$1.99
Large252 kcal$2.49

Hot Drinks

TeaRegular tea0 kcal$1.99
LatteEspresso with steamed milk146 kcal$2.49
CappuccinoEspresso with equal parts milk and foam93 kcal$2.49
Flat WhiteEspresso with steamed milk146 kcal$2.49
AmericanoEspresso with hot water0 kcal$1.99
EspressoStrong black coffee0 kcal$1.49
MochaEspresso with chocolate and steamed milk189 kcal$2.99
Hot ChocolateChocolate flavored hot drink240 kcal$2.99

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch Near Me?

Wendy’s typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 am local time. Check your nearest location for specific hours.

Does Wendy’s Serve Lunch All Day?

Wendy’s serves lunch throughout their operating hours, starting at 10:30 AM daily. Enjoy lunch menu items any time before closing.

What Time Does Burger King Start Lunch?

Burger King typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM. However, times may vary by location, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant.

What Time Does Wendy’s Start Serving Lunch?

Wendy’s typically begins lunch service at 10:30 AM. However, times may vary slightly by location. It’s advisable to check with your local Wendy’s to confirm their exact lunch hours.

Wrapping up, Wendy’s lunch hours offer flexibility and consistent quality. Swing by between 10:30 a. m. And 2 p. m. For your favorite burgers and salads.

Remember, the perfect midday meal is just a visit away. Delight in fresh, fast, and flavorsome eats at Wendy’s—where lunchtime satisfaction awaits!

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